Getting My Shit Together

Hey all- Man, it's been a minute. For a few weeks now I've kept saying "I really want to start my blog again".. then Sunday passes and Monday comes around and in my OCD brain... I have to wait until next Sunday to start back up. For fuck's sake. 🙄 This blog did me some… Continue reading Getting My Shit Together


My Month Touring and Singing for Paul Simon

I'm back. And I've missed it! I figured that tonight would be a good time to "re-introduce" myself to my blog. It's been a whole month off and while I missed writing and "dieting", I actually really needed a break. I couldn't have picked a better month to do it, either. Here's a little rundown… Continue reading My Month Touring and Singing for Paul Simon


Remember Those Girl Scout Cookies?

That I wrote about at the beginning of my WHOLE30? How they sat there in the foyer, untouched and abandoned? Well, I ate them. I binged on them, in fact. I also binged on jellybeans, chocolate, pizza and bread. And I'm not proud of it. I'm bloated, I'm upset with myself and I let myself… Continue reading Remember Those Girl Scout Cookies?


WHOLE30 Results!

So guys, I loved the WHOLE30. Did it change my life? When I read the book It Starts With Food, it said "the next 30 days will change your life." And I thought to myself... that is so dramatic. How can 30 little days change my whole LIFE. Well guys... it changed the way I eat, the… Continue reading WHOLE30 Results!


I Feel Like Poo. – Days 25 & 26 [WHOLE30]

No, really, I do. I'm quite ready to be done with this diet. I won't deny that it's done wonderful things for me. I've learned how to eat, how to look more closely at nutrition and ingredient labels, etc etc. But I've had diarrhea Almost every day. And that's not fun. Today, I feel bloated… Continue reading I Feel Like Poo. – Days 25 & 26 [WHOLE30]


Days 21-24 [WHOLE30]

Hi all! Happy weekend ♥️ So I haven't written in 4 days... and honestly, it's because I've had nothing terribly exciting to tell you about. However! I do have some updates for ya regarding my WHOLE30 and how I'm feeling. Something is bothering my acid reflux. I just don't know what it is. I started… Continue reading Days 21-24 [WHOLE30]


Homemade Larabars! Days 18-20 [WHOLE30]

Yes I did and they're amazing! I've really grown to love Larabars, but holy shit they're expensive! I've been lucky they've been on sale at Target lately for 4.99 a box. A box has 5 bars in it. It really adds up and gets expensive. So I did some digging on Pinterest and found a… Continue reading Homemade Larabars! Days 18-20 [WHOLE30]


WHOLE30 Mocktail Party! – Days 16 & 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all the Irish folks out there! 🍀 So, I'm here to tell you that it's possible to have a "Mocktail Party", hors d'oeuvres and all on the WHOLE30. My mom and I went to glorious Costco on Friday, which, I have to tell ya... it's really not that fun when… Continue reading WHOLE30 Mocktail Party! – Days 16 & 17


Halfway, Baby!!! – Day 15 [WHOLE30]

A whole 15 days down! It just feels like this is the way I live life now! Paleo! I can't say I miss much about my diet before... except the wine. Still missin that wine. Today was a productive day! Woke up, ran to the store quick to grab a few essentials, grabbed a coffee… Continue reading Halfway, Baby!!! – Day 15 [WHOLE30]


Why is it Still Snowing? – Day 14 [WHOLE30]

But really... why! It's March 14th. I am so over it. Today was probably one of the laziest days I've had in a while, which was kind of nice considering every day last week was overly busy. Matt and I woke up to a winter wonderland, made a delicious breakfast/lunch (we didn't set an alarm),… Continue reading Why is it Still Snowing? – Day 14 [WHOLE30]