weight watchers

Day 1 [Weight Watchers]

FREEDOM! I woke up not even knowing what to get my hands on first! I went for a cookie and felt instantly guilty, so I changed my mind and grabbed a banana. I went and got my hair done today 💁🏻‍♀️ I feel like a new woman! No more grays (yes, I'm 27 haha) and… Continue reading Day 1 [Weight Watchers]


My Story & Why I’m Doing Fad or Fab

Hi! If you've been wondering who I am... I've hesitated with sharing my identity with you until now... mostly because this is super vulnerable and because of my profession as a singer/songwriter. After thinking more about it, sharing everything with you all would do more good than harm. So here it is. My name is… Continue reading My Story & Why I’m Doing Fad or Fab

21 Day Fix (containers)

Day 21 [21 Day Fix] RESULTS

The day is finally here! I've officially completed the 21 Day Fix. Since I'm starting right in tomorrow on Weight Watchers, I figured I'd post my results tonight. A few things before I go into it (some of which I've already touched on in past posts)... I did not use Shakeology or do the 21 day fix… Continue reading Day 21 [21 Day Fix] RESULTS

21 Day Fix (containers)

Day 20 [21 Day Fix]

It's very interesting to me that I had "a lot" (according to 21 Day Fix) carbs last night and I woke up craving carbs. Eggs didn't sound good to me. Pancakes did. So did French toast... Graham crackers... Anything carby! But I resisted, had a clementine and went out to Starbucks with Matt for our… Continue reading Day 20 [21 Day Fix]

21 Day Fix (containers)

Day 19 [21 Day Fix]

Ahhh Saturdays 😌 I got a lot done around the house today and now I'm going to bed feeling accomplished and happy! Laundry's done, sheets are washed, kitchen and bathrooms are clean... it's a beautiful thing. A lot of people like to break up their cleaning throughout the week- I love getting it all done… Continue reading Day 19 [21 Day Fix]

21 Day Fix (containers)

Day 18 [21 Day Fix]

Hello lovely readers! ⭐️ happy weekend! I'm grateful for all of the love you've shown me these past 18 days. You read about my victories and struggles and everything in between. What I would love is to hear about your health goals and struggles. Do you guys have any feedback or things you'd like to… Continue reading Day 18 [21 Day Fix]

21 Day Fix (containers)

Day 17 [21 Day Fix]

Okay... let me just start with this. I went to the YMCA today to do some biking, and an elderly man biking next to me shamelessly, without warning RIPPED one. I couldn't breathe. I almost puked. It was worse than a normal fart. God bless his wife. Moving on... I started my day out with… Continue reading Day 17 [21 Day Fix]

21 Day Fix (containers)

Day 16 [21 Day Fix]

Guys! Only 5 days left! 🙌 I'm much less miserable today, but I did ask Matt this morning if it's worth it. Is this strict of dieting worth being "miserable"? There's a light at the end of the tunnel, all. I guess that's why it's only 21 days. Nobody would be able to keep this… Continue reading Day 16 [21 Day Fix]

21 Day Fix (containers)

Day 15 [21 Day Fix]

I just want some food. Or more food... Is that too much to ask? I feel skinny, but I also feel slightly fucking miserable. It's kind of funny that on day 7 or 8 I was all "I'm not even thinking about food!" And "I feel great". Now I call bullshit. Today, Matt and I… Continue reading Day 15 [21 Day Fix]

21 Day Fix (containers)

Day 14 [21 Day Fix]

You know how every day of the year is some made up national something day? Well today must've been national grumpy day. 😑 Deep breath, deep breath... So, as I've said before, I don't work a normal job. I'm a singer/musician (God, I hate saying that for some reason) and I make money playing shows… Continue reading Day 14 [21 Day Fix]