6 “Fad” Diets in 6 Months

New Year, New You, right?

Sign up for Weight Watchers? Check.  Buy WHOLE30 book? Check.  Spend $200 on “healthy” food in one trip to the grocery store? Check.  Download MyFitnessPal? Check.  Swear off carbs after your 9 million Christmas cookies and endless amounts of wine? Check.

Those of us looking to lose weight and get healthy have either done or thought about doing all of these things, but what works?  Which diet will make you FEEL the best?  Which diet becomes a lifestyle?  Which diet doesn’t become a “fad” anymore?

I’m here to do the work for you.  Why?  Because I’m curious.. and crazy.. and I can stand to lose a few pounds.
I’m intrigued by the health and nutrition world.  I have unbearable acid reflux that keeps me up at night.  My bathroom trips typically aren’t pleasant, And like a LOT of other women (and men), I have many insecurities about my body.

Yes, I want to lose some weight… I’m not obese, I’m not sick – but I want to feel better.  I want to feel good in my clothes.  To me, a healthy lifestyle goes way beyond the mirror or the scale.  It’s wanting to get off my acid reflux medicine… it’s wanting to feel more energized, wanting to sleep better.  The list goes on and on.

Long story long… I want to share this journey with you. Here’s what you’ll be experiencing with me. With each of these, I will be doing only the diet portion (for example- for the 21 day Fix, I’ll be doing the containers, not the assigned workouts – more on that in my first post next week). I will continue MY regular fitness regimen every week which is 3-4x a week.. a mix of cardio, strength training and full body workouts.

6 “fad” diets in 6 months…

January – 21 Day Fix (containers)
February – Weight Watchers
March – WHOLE30
April – MyFitnessPal/Macros
May – Ketogenic Diet
June – Intermittent fasting

You’re going to get my unbiased opinion on each one.  I’m going to document every meal… every feeling, every scale and non-scale victory.  You’re going to know way more than you even want to know. 🙂
I’m doing this to help myself – and to help YOU decide what the next step in your health journey is.

Here’s to dieting! (I think!)


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