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Day 1 [21 Day Fix] Part 2

Day 1 down! 🍾 My initial thoughts on this diet. It’ll be interesting for me to see if I feel differently about these thoughts in 20 days.

  • It’s easy to get obsessive about making sure the containers are perfect (it may be my OCD, who knows)
  • I don’t usually eat this much fruit! 3 servings feels like a lot!
  • I felt satisfied and full enough all day
  • I want more cheese.

Started the day out with

rew 'em in a pan with 2 tsp of olive oil (interesting to measure- I've been a little heavy handed in that), sautΓ© til delightful. Made myself some eggs and had some kind of icky clementines.

You know how a couple in the bag just taste weird? I think I found them. <<
tal for breakfast- 2 πŸ’š 1 ❀️ 1 πŸ’œ 2 tsp

Moving on… had my regular grande americano from Starbucks and a half of a banana (1πŸ’œ) and went on with my day. Then came lunch time (my brain is revolving around food these days…)I wasn’t super hungry, probably because I didn’t work out today 😩 but I had to eat lunch since I knew I wouldn’t be having dinner until after work around 9pm.

Let me tell ya- this shit was JUST AS GOOD as Chipotle. I heated up one of my fajita bowls I meal prepped (see previous blog post) and added some goodies to it. Total for this meal was

The bowl itself: 1 πŸ’š 1 ❀️ 2 πŸ’› 2 tsp

Add ons: 10 black olives – 1 🧑

1/2 container 2% Colby cheese – 0.5 πŸ’™

Fresh salsa – 0.5 πŸ’œ

Greek yogurt – 0.5 ❀️

Felt mostly satisfied through work, but was definitely ready (and conditioned) to eat when I got home. With not many containers left for the day and no desire to cook that late, I heated up a cup of my buffalo chicken chili I meal prepped.

Added a big ol dollop of Greek yogurt with 1/2 a blue container to finish that off.

This meal was good- maybe not my favorite. Too chunky to be a chili and too runny to make a wrap with, so I used my last yellow container by eating a whopping EIGHT whole grain wheat thins.


Total (with my 8 crackers):

1.5 ❀️ 1 πŸ’š 1 πŸ’› 0.5 πŸ’™

All that hot sauce is “free”… but it ain’t heartburn free. πŸ™„ I’ll remember that.

Overall good day with 1/2 fruit left.

Thanks for readin. Good night, folks!

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