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Day 2 [21 Day Fix]

I woke up huuunngry!

BUT – I didn’t feel bloated, which a lot of times I do after eating a big dinner the night before – AKA not like last night. 🍽

So, I had an easy breakfast, not super colorful or pretty, but it definitely kept me full!

I got pepper on my apple.

Total meal: 1 ❀️ 2.5 πŸ’œ

Had my most delightful grande Americano as usual, then got hungry around 3pm.. which probably had to do with my boyfriend making a delicious looking turkey sandwich with jalapeΓ±o kettle chips πŸ˜‹

So I heated up one of my fajita bowls (I freakin love these things!)

Like yesterday, I added some goodies to the bowl (olives, cheese, fresh salsa & Greek yogurt)

Total for everything:

1 πŸ’š 1.5 ❀️ 2 πŸ’› 1 🧑 0.5 πŸ’œ 0.5 πŸ’™

Mix it all together – hearty meal!

I just want chocolate. Whyyy!

So on this “diet” you can use one of your yellow containers as a “treat” 3 times a week. This sounds fantastic and all but guess how much chocolate I can have as one treat? A TEASPOON. That’s like 3 chocolate chips.



Now I’m going to do it tomorrow so you can see how ridiculous it looks.

So instead of having chocolate, I had 10 baby carrots (very specific) for 1 πŸ’š and 8 wheat thins for 1 πŸ’›. Living large, guys.

Dinner – this one might be a staple for me, as it’ll probably be compliant with a lot of the diets.

Mixed some (one red container filled) white meat from a rotisserie chicken with frank’s hot sauce (😍), Greek yogurt (1/2 red container) and 2 tablespoons of crumbly blue cheese and put that puppy in 2 lettuce wraps.

Guys- this is SO yum. You can put it in a wrap, make a sandwich, put it on top of salad… eat it with tortilla chips even! Superbowl’s coming up!

But since I had no carb containers left, I opted for green leaf lettuce and I honestly didn’t miss the carbs.

Lastly, I will end with this. Look what I found today!

Going to try one of these now 😊

Thanks for reading, all. Until tomorrow!

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