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Day 6 [21 Day Fix]

Happy Sunday! ☀️

For me, what’s a Sunday without going to the local diner?

I usually say, what’s a Sunday without pancakes?! That’s obviously a big no no on the 21 Day Fix…. or any diet for that matter since it’s all sugar and carbs!

But pancakes are SOOO good. I can’t help myself sometimes 😔 I had to help myself today, though!

I went with the vegetarian omelet with cheddar cheese on top and whole wheat toast – no butter.

Usually you go to a diner and they give you your toast soaked in butter. I mean it’s kinda gross but kinda good 😏

This was a good choice! As much as I wanted them hot cakes, I was so happy I made this decision.

Remember that… it may be hard to choose the healthier option, but once it’s all said and done and you’ve finished your meal, you’ll be so happy that you did. You won’t be filled with guilt (which you shouldn’t be anyway, because food is food- and just that) and your tummy will probably feel better, too.

It’s all balance, guys- I’m learning that. 🙂

Since we went to the diner around 1pm (we slept in quite a bit haha 🙄), it held me over until around 6, with some tangerines in between.

I ended up spending the day at my boyfriend’s parents’ house, just relaxing and watching Netflix.

They’re very supportive and know about this experiment, so they baked a piece of chicken for me and made up some veggies.

This was a very basic meal, but pretty good! Super green. Needless to say I got all my green containers in for the day!

1 chicken breast cut up in 2 lettuce leaves with onions and tomatoes (I ended up putting yellow mustard on it too).

Side of asparagus and broccoli for a total:

2 💚 1.5 ❤️

The one thing I’m noticing about this diet so far is that it’s super limited. It’s tough to dine out without asking for a lot of substitutions or eliminations. Which, I guess if you’re paying for a meal, you shouldn’t feel bad about asking those things.

Anywho, my day wasn’t super eventful, and neither is this post! But thanks for reading anyway.

Day 6 DOWN! Almost 1/3 of the way through the 21 days.

Ending my day with a nice crisp apple with cinnamon for dessert.

A good go-to for 1 💜 🙂

Good night all! 💪

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