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Day 7 [21 Day Fix]

I can’t believe I’m already finished with day 7! And still holding strong πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Spent a good amount of the day with my mom today- which is one of my favorite ways to spend my day 😊 she’s my best friend and we always laugh a lot.

We spent some time walking around the mall and shopping (like I need to spend more money after Christmas!). Since we met around 11am, I realized I hadn’t eaten anything yet, so we decided to go grab a quick lunch.

We chose a cute restaurant called Biaggi’s. First off guys.. their bread is ridiculous. Like, I just can’t NOT eat it. It’d be sinful not to.

Warm bread with delicious Italian dipping oil?! The ticket to my heart. So I had 2 little pieces and savored every. single. bite.

You really start to enjoy your food more when you’re “dieting”. It makes you appreciate and really taste it. I usually finish off all 6 pieces that come in the basket, then ask for more!

I *somehow* practiced some self control this time. Haha… and for a whopping 2 πŸ’› and 4 tsps… it was so worth it.

For lunch, I went with something light (because of the bread!) and ordered a “half & half” – half house salad with balsamic dressing and a bowl of vegetable minestrone soup.

It was delicious! The soup had kale, little diced potatoes, carrots, kidney beans and tomatoes.

This meal was a total (with bread)-

3 πŸ’› 2 πŸ’š 1 🧑 0.5 πŸ’™ 4 tsps

If I had known my trainer was planning to murder my body today, I probably wouldn’t have eaten – but it was 2 hours before! Welcome to the day in the life of a 27 year old woman with hiatal hernia and severe GERD. I should’ve known better…

She kicked my ASS. And as a result, some of my soup came up during that “burpee burnout”. πŸ˜–

I had to stop at the grocery store on my way home and I was shaking SO badly from the workout. I was exhausted. I was ready to just quit shopping and go home, but I got through it!

Dinner time rolled around I realized I hadn’t had ANY protein today. That’s a problem! I probably wouldn’t have realized it on a normal day, but because I tally up the containers I’ve consumed, I saw I had all of my protein containers left.

So, what’s better than breakfast for dinner?! Eggs are packed with protein and delicious. And duh- I didn’t get a proper breakfast in this morning! 😝

So I made scrambled eggs (3 + some whites) with spinach with a side of fresh salsa, 3 turkey sausage links and an apple with cinnamon.

These turkey sausages are amazing! 50 calories, 1 gram of fat, and 6 grams of protein per 1 link. Grab them at Aldi!

They’re seriously so tasty. For this protein packed dinner-

3.5 ❀️ 2 πŸ’š 1 πŸ’œ

I might do breakfast for dinner more often!

Today was a really good day, guys. I felt great and as much as I felt like I was going to die during my workout, I’m so glad I pushed through it. AND I still have 2 fruit containers left. So if I get hungry later (I doubt I will though after all that protein!) I’ll have some clementines. 🍊


Thanks for reading. One week down! Holy moly! Good night, lovelyreaders. 😌

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