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Day 10 [21 Day Fix]

I’m starting to think less about food. When to eat, what to eat, what I can/can’t eat…

It’s kind of freeing.

It’s easy to have an unhealthy relationship with food. Sometimes we put too much emphasis on it. We’re structured to think that social gatherings must involve food. We’re surrounded by food- as we drive, listen to the radio, watch TV…

My first week doing this, I thought I had to plan everything I ate and when to eat it. That may be good for the start of any diet plan to get into the swing of things.

However now, it’s simple… I eat when I’m hungry and I don’t when I’m not. I don’t feel deprived and if I don’t stick to my meal schedule, oh well! As long as I stick with my allowed containers, I consider it a successful day.

So here is my successful day 😊

First, let’s talk about this

This beauty is called the Honey Bear. It consists of espresso, vanilla, honey, steamed nonfat milk, and cinnamon. Perfection for a very cold, dreary day. ❄️

Had a banana with a tsp of natural peanut butter… you guys really don’t need to see a picture of it, but I took one, so you’re gonna!

Wooooowwwww 😱

Moving on….

For lunch I had one of those delicious fajita bowls! With added goodies on top!

Turned into

It’s super filling and great to eat if you know you won’t have your next meal for a while.

21 Day Fix:

2 💛 2 💚 1.5 ❤️ 1 💙 2 tsp.

I had to sing tonight, so I packed a few tea bags in my purse with True Lemon packets (yum!). If I can’t have wine again this week, tea will have to do! I’m pretty sure it’s better for the vocal chords anyway!

We got home quite late, so I decided to make a quick and easy meal that I just loved the other night!

The zucchini noodles with chicken sausage 😍😍 I could eat way more of this if it was in front of me!

Want the recipe? See Day 8 of my blog 😊 you will freakin love it!

21 Day Fix:

2 💚 2 ❤️ a pinch of cheese (I won’t tell if you don’t…) and 1 tsp of olive oil.

Needed a taste of a carb… so I had 8 little whole grain crackers as a “dessert”. It’s silly, but the crunchiness did the trick!

Day 10 down 😊 and feeling great!

My biggest “pros” of this diet so far…

  • Heartburn has significantly decreased (therefore sleeping without acid coming up 🤢)
  • Feeling way less bloated, with that skinny feeling in the morning
  • I’ve actually lost 4 lbs so far. I was curious, so I weighed myself this morning.


Thanks for reading, and welcome new readers! ♥️ 💪 more to come.

Good night!

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