21 Day Fix (containers)

Day 11 [21 Day Fix]

Since when do I get full from a CUP AND A HALF of whole wheat pasta? A cup and a half! Measure that shit out… That’s a little more than 1/8 of a box of pasta.

I used to be able to eat half a box with a side of bread and butter. Tonight, I could barely finish my little portion! Pathetic.

I guess that’s why they put the stupid saying in the 21 Day Fix pamphlet… “portionology”.

Whatever that means. But it works! 👀

More about that in a few…

I had a really tough workout this morning. I’m talkin’ lunges with 20 lb weights, wall sits, squat pulses and a bunch of other stuff I’m trying to forget.

My peak heart rate was 181! That’s insanity. But I’ll take the 417 calorie burn 💪

After my workout, I stopped by my parents’ house, since it’s on my way home. My mom made me a delicious and healthy (as always) breakfast.

She’s an amazing cook (more like chef) and always finds ways to make things healthy and tasty.

This was perfect for after my workout.

2 scrambled eggs with a tablespoon of feta cheese, spinach and onion. As well as a side of cantaloupe and cottage cheese.

For the containers:

2.5 ❤️ 1 💜 0.5 💚 almost 0.5 💙 1 tsp.

I always feel spoiled when someone makes me food 😇

I had coffee with a friend whom I haven’t seen in a bit. It was so peaceful and pleasant to just sit inside Starbucks and talk. The sun was shining- it was a beautiful thing!

Once I left there, about 4 hours had passed since I ate and coffee always makes me hungry… so I called on my go-to meal once I got home.

Buffalo chicken on salad! Got my greens and didn’t even need dressing! I had about a little over a cup of chicken, which counts for more of the “red” protein containers.

2 💚 2 ❤️ 0.5 💙

While Matt took his brother to the airport (he lives in Los Angeles), I stayed home and had a nice hot shower and started on dinner. Now, here comes the pathetic part.

I hadn’t had any of my carb containers all day, so I figured, “I’ll make pasta!”. We have whole wheat pretty much always in the pantry since pasta is Matt’s favorite food on earth. I knew he’d be hungry when he got home.

I remembered I bought some organic lean ground beef (93/7%), so I threw some pasta on and started cooking the beef.

A little goulash ⬅️ is that spelled right?

I figured since I could only have 1 1/2 cups of pasta 🙄, I’d probably need some protein to beef it up. Get it?


Wegmans has some killer sauces. Low in sugar and full of flavor. They taste homemade with the addition of a little sprinkling of crushed red pepper and oregano 😊

Way to go, Weggies!

So I measured out my pasta… hahaha ready for this?

There’s probably like 15 pieces of pasta in there.

So I was allowed 3 of these to use up all of my yellow containers for the day.

Guys- I got FULL. And fast! And damn, was it good!

For the containers:

3 💛 1 ❤️ 1 💚 a sprinkle of 💙

On a side and random note- Matt and I went to see “I, Tonia” tonight. Fabulous movie! I highly recommend it. Interesting and super entertaining. 😊 movies seem to be a good distraction to all this dieting stuff..

Until tomorrow! As always, thanks for reading.

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