21 Day Fix (containers)

Day 14 [21 Day Fix]

You know how every day of the year is some made up national something day?

Well today must’ve been national grumpy day. 😑

Deep breath, deep breath…

So, as I’ve said before, I don’t work a normal job. I’m a singer/musician (God, I hate saying that for some reason) and I make money playing shows and on the side, I sing local jingles. Yes, I’m that girl. 🎵 “Call 222-DOGS” or “222-ROOF” or “222-BUGS” 🎵


Maybe my body is getting mad that it hasn’t had pizza 🍕 in well over 2 weeks… I don’t know… but I had a short fuse today and it seems everyone I had an exchange with today did as well.

Once I was done with that, I went grocery shopping and got ran into by about 20 carts and why am I apologizing? You ran into me!

I always try to be positive on here… but maybe this will make your day seem that much better 😉

Got all my stuff for the week at the store, then I had some time to kill on that side of town, so I stopped at my parents to have left over chicken lettuce wraps from last night.

For 1.5 ❤️ and that’s it, because iceberg doesn’t count for anything. Oops!

Since my workout wasn’t until 3:30, Matt met me for coffee. What a breath of fresh air!

Best friend + coffee = a happier me.

When I met Matt at Starbucks, some guy came up to my car window while I was parking and asked if I had change to get food. I said “no sorry 🤥” then parked my car.

Then I started thinking… my day’s been poopy… maybe his day’s been poopier. Standing in the rain asking for money.

So I thought, I just went grocery shopping… if he’s hungry, I’ll just give him some food!

I parked my car, walked up to him with a sleeve of honey graham crackers in hand and said, “I’m sorry I don’t have any change, but here are some graham crackers if you’re hungry”.

He looked at me like I had 3 heads, half smiled, said “ok”, shoved those precious crackers in his pocket and moved on to the next fool he could ask for money from…

I tried.

After my coffee date, I drove over to my workout. As usual, my trainer kicked my butt! It definitely got some aggression out 💪


I rushed out of my workout around 4:15 to meet Matt at the YMCA near our house for a yoga class. I figured it was exactly what I needed today…

I got stuck in traffic and was late to the class, but once I was there, I let myself relax and let the day go.

Once the class was over, I was so ready for dinner. Those lettuce wraps did not hold me over! I was weak 😩

I decided to make a new favorite of mine. It’s easy and healthy and Matt likes it too!

Zoodles with Italian chicken sausage and tomato sauce 😍

Yum yum yum. I’ll save you from posting the recipe again, since I’ve already posted it a few times!

But it was so good! Definitely hit the spot.


3💚 2❤️ 1💜 0.5💙 2 tsp.

I realized I had a lot of containers left over and that I should probably eat more. So I “treated” myself to a tsp of chocolate chips for 1💛 and 2 clementines for a 💜.

So, yes this was a long post.

This was a rant-y post.

But thanks for reading ♥️

And here’s to tomorrow being a non-grump day!

I’m still hungry.

Good night! 🤗

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