21 Day Fix (containers)

Day 17 [21 Day Fix]

Okay… let me just start with this. I went to the YMCA today to do some biking, and an elderly man biking next to me shamelessly, without warning RIPPED one. I couldn’t breathe. I almost puked. It was worse than a normal fart. God bless his wife.

Moving on…

I started my day out with a banana and a trip to (can you guess it?)… Starbucks.

Matt and I met with a friend of ours to catch up. He’s a bit of a “local celeb” here… he’s the keyboardist for Daughtry. Phenomenal musician and even better person. 😊

Right after my VENTI Americano, I was ready for a workout.

Fast forward to the YMCA – and farts McGee. πŸ˜–

But I did manage to bike 6 miles in 20 minutes (despite the toxic gas), followed by a 15 minute upper body workout. πŸ’ͺ That coffee did the trick!

After the Y, Matt and I hit up Wegmans for a quick bite to eat. I went with a safe and easy to track choice – salad.

And a sparkling water that tasted like medicine!


3πŸ’š 2❀️ 1πŸ’› 1🧑 0.5πŸ’™

SO… remember Sunday when I wrote about Wii bowling night? Pretty sure it’s going to become a regular thing.

Matt and I went over to my parents house again to ply Wii. It’s like 2009 all over again! And I couldn’t be happier about it 😊 virtual bowling league here we come!

We had dinner first and my mom made an amazing greens and beans with crispy salmon! It was light and delicious.

For this meal:

2❀️ 1πŸ’š 1πŸ’› 0.5πŸ’™ 2 tsp olive oil

Aaaaaand since I had one “carb” container left, I treated myself to a slice of Italian bread. With a dab of butter.

For 1πŸ’› and 2 tsp.

Not a terribly exciting day, but a good day at that. My hunger was in check today! That makes for a better day, always!

Thanks for reading and welcome new readers & followers! β™₯️β™₯️

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