21 Day Fix (containers)

Day 18 [21 Day Fix]

Hello lovely readers! ⭐️ happy weekend!

I’m grateful for all of the love you’ve shown me these past 18 days. You read about my victories and struggles and everything in between.

What I would love is to hear about your health goals and struggles.

Do you guys have any feedback or things you’d like to see or read about? Have you thought about doing one of these diets or want to get healthier but are hesitating for some reason?

I started this blog as a source of accountability for myself as well as a real experiment. Now, I’m still seeing it as that, but in addition, I’m hoping to help someone else struggling with their body image and health issues.

On day 21, I’m going to share my story and what led me to this. It’s a scary and vulnerable thing, but this is a safe place, and I’d love for it to be your safe place as well.

With that being said, here’s my daily recap 😊

This. Was. Fucking. Insane.

My trainer had quite the workout planned for me today. I’m trying to remember if I had said something that may have offended her and this was a punishment…

Kidding 🙃 but damn! Tomorrow will not be fun.

She kept telling me I’d feel great once I finished, and once my heart floated back down from my throat to my chest, I did!

After my workout, I used a face wipe to spare everyone, and met with my friend Christy for lunch.

I was famished after my workout, so I went all in! And got a…


But it had all the fix-ins that hit the spot. I only used about half of the balsamic dressing… for a total of:3💚 2.5❤️ 1💙 1🧡 2 tsp.

After our leisurely lunch, I met up with Matt for a quick coffee before going into the recording studio.My happy place. 😊

After the studio, I was pretty hungry and also pretty excited I saved all of my carb containers!

Matt and I stopped over at his parents’ house to say hello. Naturally, we grabbed dinner there and to my surprise there was a very 21 Day Fix-friendly lasagna ready to be eaten.

By a very hungry lady who only ate salad today and got her butt whooped this morning.

Whole wheat lasagna noodles, fat free ricotta cheese, peppers and onions. It was just what I needed to end my day today.

And of course a couple little pieces of whole grain baguette to sop up the sauce!

For dessert, a little bowl of grapes 🍇

Total containers:

3💛 2💜 1❤️

Another good day in the books, with only 3 full days left of this diet. Then on to Weight Watchers!

Thanks for reading & stickin with me. Good night 🌝

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