weight watchers

Day 2 [Weight Watchers]

Today was a fabulous day for TWO REASONS…

My nephew, Nicholas was born this morning (ya came early, ya little booger)!

And I finally got a cheat meal. Haha. My first reason is a little more respectable 😉

Matt and I had plans to take a little trip to New York City and visit the Spotify office today.

It was a beautiful day for a road trip and we made the most of it. 🌞

My alarm went off at 7am this morning – and I hated it. Most people get up at that time. I do not.

And even though the sunrise was beautiful, I’d rather sleep 💁🏻‍♀️

Matt’s used to my non-morning person grumpiness, so we just ate our bananas in silent as we hit the road.

Stopped for coffee, of course. This time it was more than just enjoying a beverage.. I actually really needed it! 😴

The drive took a little over 5 hours… we’re so used to the drive, it feels like nothing. We also feel super lucky that we’re so close to the city. You can drive there and back in a day, and still have some fun visiting.

When we got there, we spent $45 on a parking lot 🙄 for an hour and a half. Such a rip off.

Went up to Spotify for a bit then decided we’d go out to dinner! Our friend Samantha told us about this really rad restaurant that’s basically a log cabin on the rooftop of a hotel.

The atmosphere was really different. Even the smell in there- old time-y and intriguing.

Now here’s the cheat meal!

With weight watchers, I’m allowed 23 points a day, plus a weekly allowance of 42 extra points. I decided I’d use most of my weeklies on this meal.

We had a little wood fire thin crust pizza with prosciutto, lamb meatball sliders (one each) and a glass of wine.

I was satisfied, definitely could’ve eaten more, but I was fine. 😊 and I savored every bite.

Now we’re booking it on home to go visit my sister and nephew in the hospital! Cannot wait ♥️

Good night all!

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