weight watchers

Day 3 [Weight Watchers]

I am a proud auntie (x2) and also so proud of my sister and the strength she has. Having a baby does not look easy!

My day was filled with these 2 sweeties. Matt and I watched my niece, Braelyn late morning into the afternoon. While she ate her PB&J, I made myself an “adult”/Elvis version…

Why are peanut butter and banana so good together?!

Since the banana is 0 points, the piece of wheat bread was 3 points and one tablespoon of peanut butter is also 3.

I was hungry 2 hours later.

On our way to the hospital, Matt and I stopped to grab some lunch for my sister, brother-in-law, so we got a turkey wrap for ourselves to share. It was just right… for another 2 hours.

Hunger was secondary-





Hi! ♥️♥️♥️ I may be biased, but they make some freakin cute babies.

After tearing myself away from this sweetness, we headed home to relax. Last night’s drive took a lot out of us.

I made an easy and healthy meal of chicken breasts, a side zucchini noodles and broccoli.

It was nothing spectacular, but it hit the spot. And was perfect with a side of Netflix.

For about 3 hours this time.

Why am I so hungry all the time?? 😩 it’s not like I was eating a lot before this diet!

Maybe tomorrow will be better as far as hunger…

Here’s my day in Weight Watchers land…

Good night all! Thanks for keeping up with my journey! ⭐️♥️

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