weight watchers

Day 4 [Weight Watchers]

Guys… I miss the 21 Day Fix.

I don’t even know myself anymore! 😳

But I do know this… 3 days in to this diet and I was sitting on the toilet last night for 20 minutes. Stomach cramps and IBS… I have not missed that.

My heartburn is back. My bloating is back. I haven’t even been eating that poorly! My stomach is rejecting anything not considered “clean eating”. Bizarre.

So, I woke up this morning and wanted to eat something healthy-ish. My body was craving it, and I was starving.

I took a can of tuna fish and since I despise mayonnaise, I used Greek yogurt and a little olive oil. Mixed it all together and added chili powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. Deeeelish! πŸ‘Œ

And a side of Melba whole wheat crackers.

Just to reiterate, my daily allowance of points is 23.

Tuna fish is zero points, as is Greek yogurt. The 10 crackers were 4 points and one tablespoon of olive oil was 4 points as well.

For a grand total of 8 points for lunch.

After lunch, Matt and I went to go visit my sister and nephew at the hospital.

He’s even cuter today.

I can’t stand it. 😩

My wittle Love. β™₯️

My sister also shared this with us.

We were literally laughing so hard. She might be one of the funniest people I know. And the fact that she can laugh about having to wear the “pad” on the right… yeah, that takes a good sense of humor!

After once again having to tear myself away from the little peanut, we headed home to have dinner before our friends came over.

Sticking with the healthy trend, I made myself a piece of salmon with some Asian chopped salad from Wegmans.

It was delicious! This chopped salad is amazing. If you don’t have Wegmans, Aldi has a very similar salad. Try it!

This meal was 7 points, which left me with 8 more points for the day.

So I had myself a glass of wine. An 8 oz glass. And I was buzzed. And I enjoyed it.

And this was 8 points. More than my dinner! If this diet shows you anything, it’s that all points are NOT created equal. Some things are worth it, some are not.

This was.

Happy Friday, friends! β™₯️⭐️

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