weight watchers

Day 5 [Weight Watchers]

So… it happened… I cheated. Kinda bad.

I feel lousy about it.

Can I explain?

So, I woke up this morning at 9 for a workout session at 9:45. It was really hard. I sweat a lot. (This is me making excuses)

I had a half of a salad for lunch with some rotisserie chicken in it. 6 points.

Then I had 2 graham crackers with my black coffee.

5 points.

Then before I left for our show tonight (which was a full band- high energy show), I had 2 pieces of fat free deli turkey with one piece of pepper jack cheese. 3 points.

I got to our show downtown, we did sound check and I figured “I have 12 points left… I’ll have some blue light”.

I drank one… jumped around on stage for 40 minutes, hung out with friends and family after the show and had 2 more beers. 10 points.

Good-bye inhibitions.

All 12 of us friends went next door to a bar with delicious food. Matt and I shared another beer with a caprese sandwich with waffle fries 🤦🏻‍♀️

Yup, it was delicious. I ate half and loved every bite.

But I was also thinking “is this worth it?” With every bite.

I had beer and I was on an adrenaline high and just wanted to eat and have fun.

I regret it. I was well over my points for today.

But now I move on. Tomorrow’s a new day.

In a way, I’m glad this happened. I didn’t anticipate myself going through 6 months of this without fucking up at least a couple of times.

My stomach won’t forgive me, but hopefully I can forgive myself. We all do it. We just



Here’s to a healthy tomorrow! 💪

Thanks for sticking with me. Yes, this is hard. It’s real. We’re all human. It happens. It’s how we deal with it and move on that matters.

Good night, friends ♥️

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