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I Finally Shaved My Legs on Day 9 [Weight Watchers]

And that’s only because I have a physical tomorrow!

I kid, I kid. But really- who wants to shave their legs in the middle of winter? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Today was a boring day. “Snow storm” is what they called it… it really was just another day in Upstate NY.

We felt like we were in a snow globe at our studio session this morning.

We ran out of the house to get to our session because we got up late, so I had a super nutritious breakfast of graham crackers. 2 to be exact. For 5 whole points. Not. Worth. It.

I’ll remember that!

Once we came home from the studio, I wanted nothing more than to get warm and cozy on the couch. The roads weren’t awful, but also not great- so if I didn’t have to go out again, I wasn’t going to!

I made myself a turkey sandwich (I haven’t had a SANDWICH in over a month!) and made a pot of coffee. Then I sat my tush on the couch and FaceTimed my little lovies.

She was ALL OVER THE PLACE. Running around with the phone in her hand- making me 100% dizzy. But I love her. ♥️

Then this little guy- oh my.

They have my heart.

My dinner was very green and boring, but it’s all I wanted.

I put asparagus on the side with a little Parmesan cheese. This meal was 3 points because of the olive oil & cheese. Everything else was “zero” points.

Now I’m sitting in bed eating a serving of Oreo O’s. I wonder how many yellow containers that would’ve been on 21 Day Fix 💩

My day on WW app:

Good night, everyone! And welcome new readers ♥️♥️

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