weight watchers

I Went to Target on Day 10 [Weight Watchers]

Then I went to my physical and my blood pressure was a tad high (doctor’s offices have a tendency to do that). The nurse asked me if I had caffeine this morning or if I was always in that good of mood.

I told him I went to Target. It all made sense.

Physical went well – I’m healthy! 🙌💪 and I don’t take it for granted.

After my appointment, I stopped at Aldi because all I wanted was an Asian Chopped Salad with chicken. I was huuungry.

How the hell is this 9 points? Everything is zero points except the little wonton strips and a couple tablespoons of dressing.

It has to be less… but whatever.

After lunch, I met Matt in the city for a cup of coffee. We also had a phone call we wanted to take together, so it worked out.

I had plans to go see my sister, brother in law and my two little kiddies tonight. I played with Braelyn and held Nicky until B went to bed.

No big deal… just playin with no shirt on.🤣

Once the kids fell asleep, we had dinner together while watching Bad Moms Christmas.

Yes, we watched a Christmas movie. What about it?! 😝

My sister made a most delicious homemade chicken Caesar salad. With a twist…

A “sprinkling” of bow tie pasta in the salad. I highly recommend it!

This will be making its way into Matt & my meals for sure!

This meal was 6 points for the Caesar dressing and 3 points for the pasta.

Also had this little ditty…

Hoooolllllyyyyy shit. If you like beer and you like cinnamon rolls- GET THIS.

It literally tastes like you’re drinking the filling of a cinnamon roll 🤤

But it was 8 points. Rough. Almost more than my dinner 😩

Had a good day today. Went over my points a bit, but just tapped into the “weeklies”.

***On a quick side note – thank you for all of the support and love from you guys ♥️ it means the world. I finally posted about my blog on my Instagram, and while I was nervous, I’m so glad I did.


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