weight watchers

National Pizza Day?! OoO Baby! Day 11 [Weight Watchers]

I usually don’t take this “National *blah* day” shit seriously, but if it involves pizza- you better believe I do!🍕🍕

I used all of my points for the day, plus most of the rest of my “weeklies”. For a total of 42 points 🤐

This was my only meal except some scrambled eggs this morning, which is zero points! AND I did a great workout today with my trainer!

Here’s the Fitbit info (above)

And the WW info (my Fitbit info converting into points)

I’m not making excuses. I’m actual quite proud that I can eat 4 pieces. 🤗

Here’s the rest of my night.

Tea. And

The puzzle on the left. This is amazing.

Puzzles are so therapeutic. And today was kind of a shitty day- I needed pizza and a puzzle.

Short post today- the pizza speaks for itself! Good night everyone… happy weekend! ♥️

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