Barbie, it’s 2018…

Serious question- Why are they all so “perfect” looking?

This has been bothering me since I babysat a 4 year old girl on Saturday night.

As she led me to her playroom and showed me each of her Barbie dolls, the first thing I noticed is they’re exactly the way they used to be when I was 4… in 1995!

That’s a problem.

With so much focus on body positivity and empowering women lately, why hasn’t a toy that’s been such a huge part of young girls’ lives changed with the times?

It wasn’t just the Barbies themselves…

We ended up watching a Barbie movie that night as well. The plot was Barbie and her sisters were on vacation, met a mermaid and spent time with these miraculous dolphins.

Matt turned to me and said “I have no idea who’s who. They all look the same!”

One had bright green eyes with blonde hair. One had bridge green eyes with brown hair. One had bright blue eyes with blonde hair and one had bright blue eyes with brown hair. Wow.

Each had a tiny little frame, great lookin boobs, and mile long legs.

No one had a pimple. No one had a little junk in the trunk. No one had some extra weight in their thighs, or stomach, or chin.


But these 4, 5, 6, 10 year old girls see this and think it’s completely normal.

So when they start to get pimples, and hips, and stretch marks, and some extra healthy pounds on them, they think they’re not perfect. They think they’re ugly. Or fat.

I mean, it’s 2018! We have a lot of issues this day in age, but to me, this is an important one. It creates so many more issues.

I see they’ve started to make some barbies with a little more weight on them… and they actually label them as “curvy” on the website. Why are you labeling them at all?

And really? This is curvy? Looks pretty average to me.

What are your thoughts? Am I crazy?!

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