weight watchers

Sunday Funday! Day 13 [Weight Watchers]

We leave for California tomorrow! 😎

So we spent the day doing loads and loads of laundry and getting ready.

I made some egg whites for breakfast (0 points) with 2 breakfast chicken sausages (3 points). Matt and I had a rehearsal with our drummer in the afternoon, so we decided to grab some coffee at Starbucks (♥️).

Rehearsal was good! And then while talking to my mom about her day, she said she was making greens and beans and that we were welcome to join! So we did!

And there was my last real meal for the next week and a half!

Being Italian with a mom who can cook like nobody’s business… it’s a beautiful thing.

I also had a glass of wine.

Went a bit over my points today, but I figure I’ll be hiking so much this coming week and eating super healthy… so it’ll all balance out!

I counted the pasta for 10 points (2 servings) and the wine for 5 points. Then I had 2 small slices of bread, which I also counted at 5 points (then +2 for butter).

We got home early and I continued on laundry and picking up the house.

I have HORRID heartburn right now- even after 2 zantacs and maximum strength tums.

I don’t miss this feeling at ALL. 😩 it’s sometimes not worth it.

Until tomorrow! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Can’t wait to share my week in Hollywood with you ♥️♥️

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