weight watchers

Hello, Hollywood! Day 14 [Weight Watchers]

Made it safely to Los Angeles! And was greeted by two of my favorite people… Matt’s brother, Nate and his roommate (and all our friend), Justin.

I started my day out super well and healthy by getting rid of anything in the fridge that could go bad while we’re gone. That was zucchini noodles, chicken sausage and roasted garlic marinara sauce. Yum!

Then I had an English muffin and the rest of the Oreo O’s.

That was pretty much all of my points right there.

Then when we got to the airport, I had a coffee and told myself “that’s it! I’m full and don’t need to eat anymore for the day!”WronggggYou get together with people you haven’t seen in a while and BAM…Burger, fries and beer 😔Not going to get mad or upset with myself (I am….). Instead I’m going to use that energy to go on a really long hike up a canyon tomorrow. That’s a way to look at it positively.

Not much else to tell ya guys… spent 6 hours on a stinky plane with someone who thinks it’s okay to fart in such close quarters. 🤢

Good night! Looking forward to sharing my week with you all!Xo

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