weight watchers

Strike Against Ya, Weight Watchers [Day 15]

So, I knew that coming to LA would be a great test for this. I know my routine here and how much I walk since we don’t have a car.

Woke up at 8am (time change is a bitch!) and walked down to the store to get some contact solution – super exciting, I know.

Then Matt and I went for our gorgeous usual hike at Runyon Canyon.

Yes that’s the Hollywood sign in the distance! My Fitbit says this hike is 112 staircases.

That’s a lot. My heart was a-pumpin.

After our hike, we showered then went back out to enjoy the sunshine, grab some coffee and go to Trader Joe’s for some groceries.

Oh, and I got this fancy little number for my breakfast/lunch.

A delicious açaí bowl from Qwench Juice Bar.

Now here’s where the strike against Weight Watchers comes.

This bowl is 510 calories.

It was all of my points for the day… not including the fruit (fruit is zero points).

I simply added the coconut, granola, honey and slivered almonds. I watched them make the bowl there, so I knew the measurements.

22 points for whole, healthy food.

Seriously, Weight Watchera?! I could’ve had 2 good sized pieces of pepperoni pizza for the same amount.

How are those points equal?

Moving forward, I walked over 30,000 steps today, so WW adjusted my “fit points”.

Fit bit info.

Weight watchers “fit points” based on Fitbit info.

So 23 points (daily allowance) + 44 fitpoints (can swap for food- which I am because that açaí bowl was bullshit).

For dinner, I had a southwest salad with plain chicken.

It was good! Thanks, Trader Joe’s!

Incase you haven’t noticed, I’m not the biggest fan of Weight Watchers.

This is why I’m doing this blog! 6 different diets! I want to know what’s right for me, and if you’re anything like me, what could be right for you as well.

This is not right for me. And I have 2 weeks left. 😔

Now I’m going to enjoy my very well deserved glass of wine and my 8 crackers with light sliced cheese. 💁🏻‍♀️ girl’s gotta live!

Until tomorrow ♥️♥️

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