Days 18 & 19 [Weight Watchers] in California

Hi all! ♥️

I know I haven’t been writing everyday, but I’ll try to fill ya in as much as I can ☀️

Yesterday was hot in Los Angeles. It felt awesome – my pale skin even got a tan! Woohoo! We walked a bunch and since it was so warm out, it was the perfect day for another cold açaí bowl. This is literally one of the most delicious things ever. I got it with banana this time 😍

We had dinner with our product manager from our Label last night at this beautiful restaurant called Laurel Hardware. We sat outside in this awesome lit up garden with heaters. The food was amazing – we split everything. Here’s the problem though… we had 3 bottles of wine. There were only 3 of us 😩 I had a rough day today…Definitely used up most of my points on dinner- but that’s okay because I only had that bowl for lunch (mostly zero points, too because of the fruit)!

Fast forward to this morning… and actually still right now! 24 hours later. Why do we drink?To feel great in the moment then like absolute garbage the following day. I was kind of mad at myself! It ruined my day today. I slept in until 11… meanwhile it was another 78 degree day outside. ☀️I was up all night with a stomach ache (mix of weird foods and wine) and that continued into today. Ya know… that sicky feeling… like nothing will agree with you. Once I got my tush out of bed, I chugged a bottle of water and went for a walk… I’ve heard exercise helps a mild hangover.

We had some delicious kale and fruit smoothies after our walk. Hydrating and delicious. It gave me life. 😶

Once I realized I wouldn’t die, Matt and I decided to have a little lunch date. 🤗 it was my favorite moment from the past 5 days. We went to this cool famous diner called The 101 Coffee Shop.Matt got incredible looking pancakes and coffee- and I got one of the best turkey club sandwiches ever… with a Diet Coke. It was SO GOOD. That shit gave me life. Get this- they give you both regular and sweet potato fries mixed in. 😧Since we walked so much, I didn’t feel so bad eating the fries. I couldn’t finish the whole sandwich, though. It was huge!

Once we got home, we relaxed a bit (we both got so much sun and my poor feet needed a break!). Since we had the day off- that’s really all we did. Shower, relax, have coffee…And I’m still full from my turkey club. Haha!

It’s been a really fun trip so far 😊 A few more days of this sunshine-y heaven. I don’t want it to end!

Lastly- here are my stats for today. So. Much. Walking. Time for SLEEP!!Good night ♥️ and happy weekend!

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