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Meeting Amy Adams in Target! Days 20, 21, 22 [Weight Watchers]

I feel like such a bum that I haven’t been writing every day… but let me tell ya- we’ve been busy!

I must start with this story.

This morning, Matt and I got up early (8ish) and walked to this little plaza with Starbucks and Target. I had something to return to Target, and we both thought it was a good time to call our parents and catch up.

So I’m in Target, killing time… looking through clothes on a rack. One of the hangers with a shirt fell off the rack and I shook my head, annoyed and went to pick it up.

As I’m bending down, I hear a little giggle and a voice say “don’t you hate it when that happens?”

And me, not looking, says “always. Always!” (As in… it always freaking happens hah).

And she says back “literally always… at least it wasn’t the whole rack”

And we laughed. I looked up…

Amy Adams. One of the highest paid actresses!

Shopping in Target.

No make up on and in sweat pants.

What is life!

Anywho- here is my last 3 days!

Day 20 (Sunday) was really uneventful. However, Matt and I did walk for about 3 hours straight through Hollywood & Beverly Hills… totaling about 24,000 steps! Insane. I’ve never walked so much in my life as this week.

Oh and I had one of the most delicious cookies ever… a giant oatmeal Apple one 😍

Yesterday was the day of our show. Our drummer, Levi came into town late Sunday night so we spent the day walking around Hollywood and got some coffee together.

I hadn’t eaten all day, so we decided to get the famous In N Out. I got myself one Double Double.

The fries aren’t mine. Haha.

Last night was our show… it was SO fun. We weren’t sure what to anticipate for President’s Day, but the turn out was amazing.

After our show, we stayed for 2 more bands, then ended up at Black Eyed Peas’ studio by Will.i.am. Kinda bizarre. The dude’s built an empire!

We went back, grabbed our gear from the venue, then headed home to eat and sleep. Matt and I were practically deliriously tired at this point.

Today was recovery and ready to get home day.

Levi, Matt and I grabbed some breakfast at a diner call The 101 Coffee Shop. I had the most amazing breakfast burrito. 🤗

We had a coffee meeting with a manager, which went really well.

Then headed home, relaxed, and packed up our stuff to go home.

Now, it’s 8:30pm and we’re in an Uber on the way to the airport. Our flight is at 10:15 and boy am I excited to get home. A couple of reasons.

  1. I miss my family
  2. I miss my bed
  3. I miss cooking healthy food
  4. I miss eating healthy food
  5. I miss my bed
  6. My bed I miss
  7. I can’t wait for my bed
  8. Bed.

Good night all! ♥️ Rochester here we come! 🙌

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