weight watchers

Home Sweet Home – Days 23 & 24 [Weight Watchers]

I feel like crap.

Heart burn, stomach aches, bloating. I can’t handle it anymore!

I’m one of those people that feels all of the above unless I eat clean. I’ve finally learned that.

I’ve also realized that not eating clean isn’t worth it. Feeling shitty isn’t worth it. I’ve never been so excited to start Whole30!

*I will say though!! This is my own fault. You can still eat clean on Weight Watchers. But here’s the difference for me… on 21 Day Fix, I felt disciplined because the plan didn’t allow for much wiggle room. I think the “zero foods” list on WW encourages you to eat clean, but if you’re anything like me… who likes to socialize and have drinks and go out with friends and family, you may find this “freedom” is too much to control. Especially when you go on vacation for a week and a half!

Maybe it’s my personality πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ but that’s why I’m doing this blog!

Now that I’m home, I’m definitely going to be writing every day again. I enjoy it, and getting back into my routine after being away is good.

Today, we had our weekly hotel gig, which got us right back into the swing of things.

And I stuck with tea, no wine for me tonight!

The time change is still screwin me up, so I slept until 12:30. There goes my whole day! And 12 hours later, I’m in bed again.


Tomorrow I’m back with my trainer for a session. I couldn’t be more excited to get back into it (I’ll be saying differently I’m sure after tomorrow).


Since I only have 5 days (thank God) of WW left, I’ve started reading the WHOLE30 introductory book, It Starts With Food. I bought the digital version for my iPad, so I already started it on the plane ride home. This will definitely give me a good understanding of what I’ll be eating and avoiding for the next month. It will also give me the next 5 days to get prepped and go grocery shopping and do everything I need to before March 1st!

Until tomorrow β™₯️ thanks for reading.

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