weight watchers

Being a Social Butterfly on Days 25 & 26 [Weight Watchers]

So, I’d say I can probably just wrap up weight watchers right now. πŸ™„

Having a social life and going out on this diet (or maybe any diet) is really difficult. I get a little bit of freedom, I overdo it. Each and every time.

Friday was a great day!

I peeled myself out of bed for a workout at 11:15 am… pathetic, right?

That jet lag is killin me!

My trainer rightfully kicked my tush and it felt actually great to get back into it.

Matt and I had plans to go to my sister & brother in-law’s house for snacks and games!

So, I decided on making those jalapeΓ±o popper egg rolls (super low cal) and Angela made fresh shrimp and breaded tilapia tacos.

They’re so good. She makes this spicy coleslaw to go in them…. what on earth. It’s amazing. One of my favorite things she makes!

We also had beers and cadberry eggs. Not super weight watchers friendly…

We played games, laughed a lot and talked so much my throat hurt today! πŸ‘ that’s a good Friday night.

Today was another “social” day.

I woke up around 11… Matt met his brother and dad at Starbucks for coffee while I met my mom at Marshall’s for a bit to look around.

After looking through their enormous clothing selection, we decided to grab a quick drink and share some chips and salsa at Chili’s.

It was nice just chattin and relaxing. 😊

I left there to rush home and get ready for a gig Matt and I had tonight for a Cystic Fibrosis benefit.

It was so nicely put together by our friend, Brandon. I always feel better being a part of something important and bigger than me.

After the benefit, our friends Maria and Brandon took us to a beautiful (and scrumptious) dinner. 😊 the food was awesome and so was the company.

We shared 2 flatbread pizzas, an eggplant Parmesan appetizer, and a pasta dish. We all didn’t eat much, but it was rich, filling foods.


After dinner, we went back to their house in downtown Rochester, had a drink, had the Olympics on in the background, talked and shared stories.

Another night of a lot of laughter.☺️I feel very lucky after this weekend.

Needless to say, I didn’t eat as much as I typically would, but I definitely ate more than I should’ve.

Spending the day doing laundry tomorrow, then hitting the road to Baltimore, Maryland on Monday for a show, followed by a show in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday.

Lots to do in so little time! β™₯️

Thanks for reading…XO

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