weight watchers

Finally Home! Days 27-30 [Weight Watchers]

I’m here to be honest.

I’m here to be held accountable.

Weight Watchers gave me too much freedom and I traveled 2/4 weeks this short month… I sucked at this diet.

I didn’t do well with the plan. It’s not for me, I know that now.

I’ve had some other stuff to put all of my focus into these past couple of weeks! We just got home from North Carolina about 3 hours ago.

Monday, we were in Baltimore, Maryland and Tuesday in Charlotte, North Carolina… both shows opening for a singer named VERITE.

It was FUN!

There were a couple rows of people who knew every word to our songs… it was the most gratifying feeling on earth.

It’s why I pursue the hardest industry there is… it’s so worth it.

After the shows, we of course were driving and starving and just grabbing inexpensive and easy options.

This consisted of turkey sandwiches (on wheat bread with mustard!), graham crackers, chips, some French fries, a couple of beers… and again, just a lot of sandwiches.

I like to stick with sandwiches on the road because they agree with my very unpredictable stomach, and I don’t like to mess with my stomach before a show.

Typically after a show, we’ll pig out. I don’t know if it’s the adrenaline or what! 🙊🙈

We were also always so tired.

We calculated that we drove a total of 24 hours in 2 and a half days. That’s a freakin lot.

Here’s a little peek into our trip 😊 when we’re on the road, we try to do and see as many things as we can in a short period of time.

These pictures were taken at the Four Seasons Waterfront in Baltimore, MD. What a beautiful city!

We drank $11 beers and had some tuna deliciousness ($18 for a few bites 🤣).

After that, we headed to the venue and played our first show.

Next day, we got up early and headed to North Carolina.

What a gorgeous drive!

It was 60 degrees, sunny and we listened to Bon Iver & Lord Huron the whole way… Perfection.

We were starving when we got to Charlotte, so we stopped for a bite.

We found this great burger and brew place, so I got a grilled (like it matters at this point) chicken sandwich with buffalo sauce and some fries.

It hit the spot.

While waiting for sound check, I was on the phone and somehow picked out a 4 leaf clover amongst a patch of clovers.

This was super exciting for me. I’ve never found one and I’m superstitious!

Then I found another one. It was nuts.

So Matt and I each had one ♥️ hopefully some good luck is on its way!

Now I’m home and literally exhausted. I feel like I could sleep for days.

And I’m finally reunited with my bed.

After the trip to California and this week, I’m definitely ready to clean the house, do allllll of my laundry and


Which starts tomorrow!💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪Good night, folks ♥️ thanks for stickin with me through my very few posts this month. “Results” coming tomorrow for WW. Don’t expect much 🙄

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