weight watchers, WHOLE 30

Weight Watchers Results and Day 1 of WHOLE 30!

Hey all!

I made it through another month.

Remember last night when I said don’t expect much from my results?

I was terrified of stepping on the scale today, but I knew I had to do it.

Ready for this?

I weigh exactly the same as I did at the beginning of the month. 175.7.

How? I’ll tell ya…

With me, it’s all or nothing.

Tell me I can have a slice of pizza, I’ll definitely have that slice of pizza. Tell me I can have cake, I’m fucking eating cake.

And I did.


And so much beer. I don’t even like beer that much.

So, really, the only time I’d do this diet again is if I were maintaining my weight. It definitely puts things into perspective for you as far as seeing points values. It also has some flaws, I think.

I say that because of the one day that sticks out most in my memory this past month. There was a day I was in California and I had a delicious, fresh aΓ§aΓ­ bowl. It was 21/23 of my daily points. Really?! But I could’ve had 2 slices of pizza for 20/23 points.

There are definitely a lot of flaws to Weight Watchers. It wasn’t the diet for me.

Fad or Fab scale 1-10:

I give WW a 3/10. I can see how it could work for some people, but obviously not for me.

Here are my pros & cons:


  • You learn some portion control
  • The “zero points” foods encourage you to eat whole, non-processed foods.
  • You can treat yourself and eat anything you may be craving
  • You can be social (go out for food and drinks)


  • The app sucks. 80% of the things I searched didn’t show up, therefore I had to “guesstimate” a lot of the time based on other foods in the database.
  • My face broke out so badly from eating anything I wanted
  • I was constantly bloated. So. Bloated.
  • I still haven’t gotten my period (no, I’m not pregnant)
  • I literally ate tums everyday. I had the worst heartburn ever.
  • I had diarrhea (sorry for TMI) a lot more often than in January with 21 Day Fix
  • The points system seems a bit screwy to me (based on the aΓ§aΓ­ bowl vs. pizza observation.

Bye, WW! πŸ˜„

Day one of WHOLE 30 started today and I’m pretty excited for this one.

I said bye bye to cheese and bread last night and went straight to Wegmans today to get all sorts of WHOLE30 compliant foods.

I didn’t get much at all (small cart 😝)

I got organic beef, organic chicken, a bunch of produce (mix of veggies & fruit), sparkling water, olives, and nuts (cashews & pistachios).

My total came to $94 😩

When I got home, I cleaned out the fridge of anything non compliant (minus the little beer/soda stash for guests).

This is a sad lookin refrigerator.

Day 1 went great. And I ate scrambled eggs for dinner. I’m sure I’ll have more to share after a couple more days 😊

Thanksfor readin! β™₯️

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