Holy Headache – Day 2 [WHOLE30]

My body is confused. And it hates me.

I have had a wicked headache all day. I started looking into this more and the WHOLE 30 creators say that Days 2 and 3 are “hangover days”. Lovely.

Matt is doing this diet with me as well! He’s had a weird headache today, too.

We woke up late today, to almost 2 feet of heavy snow. Thankfully we got a plow to help get us out of our driveway!

While we were waiting for our plow, I made some lunch.

I made Matt some spaghetti squash with the leftover ground beef from yesterday, and I had a tuna with avocado in a lettuce wrap.

Following lunch, we each had an apple and some pistachios.

I just want some freakin bread.

We stopped over at Matt’s family house for a cup of coffee and to chat. I always love seeing them. 😊

For dinner, we had salmon (baked in olive oil with salt & pepper), broccoli and pan fried sweet potatoes (in olive oil). It was a hearty meal!

I had a couple of handfuls of blueberries and some grapes, as well.

Matt and I have been wanting to see the new movie with Jennifer Lawrence called “Red Sparrow”.

It came out today, so we went to a 10pm movie!

And got ourselves a black americano coffee as a “snack”.

Our movie theater offers hot personal Pizza Hut pizzas to bring into the theater.


It’s never looked better than it did tonight!

**on a side note** Jennifer Lawrence’s (what I assume to be) wig kept moving the whole movie. She has bangs in the movie and sometimes they’re in her eyes, crooked, up on her forehead. My God. It looks awful.

Isn’t there someone who’s job it is to make sure that shit is right? It was so distracting!

But she was fantastic in it. Despite her wig.

Day 2 is over. 28 more to go. 💪

I can do this.

I can do this.

I hope I can do this!

Time to sleep off this headache.

Good night 🌙

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