Back to High School- Day 5 [WHOLE30]

Hi all!

Thanks for stopping by. 😊

Incase this is your first time reading my blog, Fad or Fab, I’m doing 6 fad diets in 6 months to see… well… what’s fabulous and what’s just a fad.

I’m currently on month 3, tackling the WHOLE30.

You can find my experiences and results of 21 Day Fix and Weight Watchers on past posts. ♥️

Here’s day 5 of my WHOLE30!

I went back to my high school today! And the guy I was obsessed with my senior year (and he had no idea) was standing by my side.

We were invited to perform and to do a songwriting workshop for music students.

Man, what a bizarre feeling it is to walk the halls after 9 years. Like, shit, 9 years?! 😥

It was really fun and rewarding to be able to inspire some kids who want to pursue music as a career.

After our classes (first one was at 9am!), we were starving. All we had was coffee and a Larabar quick on our way out of the house at 7:30am!

So, we went to Wegmans before our studio session.

Guys, I actually like olive oil and balsamic vinegar as a dressing. It used to kind of gross me out, but since I’ve been eating so “whole” these past few days, this tasted heavenly.

I packed my salad with veggies and protein (some eggs and chicken) and it filled me right up!

We had a recording session for 2 hours, then I had to run out for a workout.

The Workout

It’s been a while. Almost 2 weeks due to touring… 2 weeks is a while for me.

My trainer had me run only a mile and a half but a lot of it was uphill. Like, really uphill. It was a challenge.

Then after our (what she calls “warmup”) run, we did a 30 minute strength circuit. Right at the second to last move, my knee was wrecked. I have no idea what I did to it, but that was it for my workout.

Advil, here I come.

But first, Target. To get some more Larabars and guacamole for our dinner 😍🥑

For dinner, I took the leftover pulled pork from last night and made homemade chipotle carnitas salads.

It was SO good. It’s simple- just chopped Romaine lettuce, pulled pork, Spicy salsa and delicious guacamole! Then ya gobble it up.

So yum. I also steamed 2 whole sweet potatoes in the microwave, sliced them open and put ghee and cinnamon on them. Yum!

Let me tell ya… ghee doesn’t taste like butter. But it’ll do.

Today was a good day food, fuel and energy wise. I had enough energy to do my workout, which I was scared about… but I felt great.

Until tomorrow, friends! Thanks for reading & keepin up! ♥️💪

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