Days 21-24 [WHOLE30]

Hi all! Happy weekend ♥️

So I haven’t written in 4 days… and honestly, it’s because I’ve had nothing terribly exciting to tell you about.

However! I do have some updates for ya regarding my WHOLE30 and how I’m feeling.

  • Something is bothering my acid reflux. I just don’t know what it is.
  • I started googling “tums WHOLE30” after not having them for the first half of my month…. If you need tums, just have some fuckin tums, okay? We get it… there’s fake sugar and fake color and blah blah but would you rather have a minuscule amount of that in your body or a nice burning esophagus? I choose fake sugar and color. 💩
  • I have had diarrhea everyday and it’s getting worse… sorry for the TMI.
  • Still haven’t gotten my period. 3 months with no period! I called my OBGYN… she says it’s typical in weight loss or gain and diet or exercise change.

Those are some negatives. Here are the positives so far!

  • I don’t think about food… like at all. Probably because everything I’m eating isn’t that exciting or amazing. This was especially true after day 17. I wasn’t thinking about food all of the time. This is just my “norm” now.
  • My jeans are falling down. I need new ones 😊
  • Because of said jeans falling down, I was super curious of my weight loss thus far, so I stepped on the scale. I’m shocked! I’ll “reveal” that on Saturday as that is my first day off the WHOLE30.
  • I have lots of energy… even when working out!
  • I feel more confident.
  • I don’t feel inflamed.
  • I never really feel hungry.

I’ll have more to share after I’m completely finished, but wanted to keep you guys in the loop!

As for meals, there was Chipotle twice, a lot of eggs and a lot of salad.

Also, lots of coffee. 😏😏😏😏

Have any of you been doing the WHOLE30?

Thinking about doing it? Or have done it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts! ♥️

Have a lovely rest of your weekend. Have a glass of wine for me!

Ah! 7 days until wine 🤗🍷


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