I Feel Like Poo. – Days 25 & 26 [WHOLE30]

No, really, I do.

I’m quite ready to be done with this diet.

I won’t deny that it’s done wonderful things for me. I’ve learned how to eat, how to look more closely at nutrition and ingredient labels, etc etc.

But I’ve had


Almost every day. And that’s not fun.

Today, I feel bloated and heavy.

I’m ridiculously emotional for who knows what reason. It’s frustrating.

Thank goodness Matt’s patient because I’ve been getting upset and sad about the dumbest things.

So, no. The past couple of days haven’t been easy. It’s a rollercoaster. I’ve almost given up 3 or 4 times now. I keep thinking “I mean, it’s basically 30 days.” But I know it’s not… so I’m going to finish it out.

4. More. Days. I can do it.

But in the meantime? That amazing feeling doesn’t last forever. What do I feel like?


Yuppers! Good night!

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