My Month Touring and Singing for Paul Simon

I'm back. And I've missed it! I figured that tonight would be a good time to "re-introduce" myself to my blog. It's been a whole month off and while I missed writing and "dieting", I actually really needed a break. I couldn't have picked a better month to do it, either. Here's a little rundown… Continue reading My Month Touring and Singing for Paul Simon


Remember Those Girl Scout Cookies?

That I wrote about at the beginning of my WHOLE30? How they sat there in the foyer, untouched and abandoned? Well, I ate them. I binged on them, in fact. I also binged on jellybeans, chocolate, pizza and bread. And I'm not proud of it. I'm bloated, I'm upset with myself and I let myself… Continue reading Remember Those Girl Scout Cookies?


WHOLE30 Results!

So guys, I loved the WHOLE30. Did it change my life? When I read the book It Starts With Food, it said "the next 30 days will change your life." And I thought to myself... that is so dramatic. How can 30 little days change my whole LIFE. Well guys... it changed the way I eat, the… Continue reading WHOLE30 Results!