WHOLE30 Results!

So guys, I loved the WHOLE30.

Did it change my life?
When I read the book It Starts With Food, it said “the next 30 days will change your life.” And I thought to myself… that is so dramatic. How can 30 little days change my whole LIFE.

Well guys… it changed the way I eat, the way I read food labels, the way I grocery shop, the way I socialize, the way I sleep, the way I feel.

So yeah, I guess it’s changed my life.

Does it have any “cons”?
Of course it does. Pretty much everything does… we all know that.

For WHOLE30, I truly believe that the pros absolutely outweigh the cons.

Here are the cons:

  • It’s hard to have “convenient” food. For the past 30 days, if I was running out of the house and didn’t have time to make a meal, I’d grab a banana, apple, larabar, or nuts. Not terrible choices, but they don’t hold you over terribly long.
  • You feel like an annoying dweeb at restaurants. When ordering food out, you have to be really particular and ask questions. The main questions I had were about oils (making sure things weren’t cooked in soybean, vegetable or peanut oil), salad dressings, and if I could substitute certain things in a salad like cheese or bacon, for olives and avocados.
    Some of my servers seemed a little irritated, but most of them were super friendly and happy to accommodate!
  • Not drinking alcohol is kind of tough in social situations. However, you can really make yourself feel like you’re participating by having sparkling water or kombucha in a wine glass. Other staples for Matt and I were going to Starbucks to get a really delicious black coffee to go (which we like anyway). It gives you something to sip while others are drinking alcohol.
  • COST! It is expensive to eat healthy. I knew that, but eating healthy and paleo is a whole other story. The idea is to eat organic whenever you can, so I’d buy grass fed organic beef, organic chicken breasts and wild caught salmon. My grocery shopping time was cut in a fraction (everything compliant is located on the perimeter of the store), but my grocery BILL at least doubled.
  • Variety. You have to get creative. It’s hard though when you’re busy. We had eggs and sweet potato almost every day for breakfast, some sort of salad for lunch and either zucchini noodles with beef, carnitas from Chipotle, or salad with protein and healthy fat for dinner. It can get boring. WHOLE30 has a great cookbook, which I actually just bought. 🙂
  • Weird poops. That is all.

Here are a few of MANY pros:

  • I slept like a baby. Probably because my stomach wasn’t filled with pasta and wine.
  • I was never really bloated. I didn’t feel inflamed, therefore, I felt confident in my clothes (which fit much better!).
  • My heartburn decreased significantly.
  • My skin cleared up a lot! I had little bumps on my cheeks prior to WHOLE30 (almost like little pimples, but barely noticeable).
  • I had a lot of energy! Once I got over the initial headache and sleepiness (after day 6), I felt great and happy and energetic.
  • I lost weight. I know this isn’t the purpose of doing the WHOLE30, but let’s be honest, a lot of people are looking to lose some weight and turn to WHOLE30 to do just that.

So here are the RESULTS! I compared my weight and measurements to the end of Weight Watchers, which I finished at the very end of February.

I started the WHOLE30 on March 1st.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 8.52.48 PM.png

I haven’t been in the 160’s in a while.

I need new jeans, and I’m thrilled!

I HIGHLY recommend the WHOLE30 to everyone. If you’ve been putting it off, been curious, trying to find out what foods bother you, haven’t been sleeping well, have skin issues, have digestive issues…

Put your health first! Which will bring me to my next post tomorrow… Stay tuned. 😊

Thanks for reading ♥️

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