Remember Those Girl Scout Cookies?

That I wrote about at the beginning of my WHOLE30?

How they sat there in the foyer, untouched and abandoned?

Well, I ate them. I binged on them, in fact.

I also binged on jellybeans, chocolate, pizza and bread. And I’m not proud of it.

I’m bloated, I’m upset with myself and I let myself down. None of it was worth it.

Since I completed my WHOLE30 on March 30, I told myself “I’m going to do the WHOLE30 again. I felt so good. I’m just going to tell my readers and everyone that this was my favorite diet and that this is it for me. No more months and no more different diets.”

Easy way out.

That’s what I was doing.

So fuck that, I said I was going to do 6 months of different diets and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m not giving up!

I happen to be on tour this week (yay!!!) <- that’s genuine! So, I’m going to start my next month on April 16th. It’s a Monday and it’ll be a perfect time to let myself get excited and motivated again, as well as mentally healthy.

I’m forgiving myself for eating the whole planet.

And if you fell off the wagon, you should forgive yourself too. ♥️ this is a journey and a real struggle.

I’ll write about tour and stuff other than dieting for the time being. I’ve missed writing. 🧡

Xo – Alyssa

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