My Month Touring and Singing for Paul Simon

I’m back.

And I’ve missed it!

I figured that tonight would be a good time to “re-introduce” myself to my blog.

It’s been a whole month off and while I missed writing and “dieting”, I actually really needed a break. I couldn’t have picked a better month to do it, either.

Here’s a little rundown of my April.

I visited Brooklyn twice, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, and North Carolina. All getting to play music for new and old fans! I feel extremely lucky.

We toured with Run River North for some dates, Nina Nesbitt for some dates, and then I was lucky enough to sing in front of the legend Paul Simon.

I sang “Kodachrome” at an induction ceremony for Steve Gadd and Tony Levin. Paul Simon was the surprise guest, and meeting him was one of the coolest experiences. 🙌

Every day was insanely busy. Today was actually the first day I cleaned our house, did laundry and felt like a normal human again.

I actually went for a walk!

Needless to say, my diet’s been shit.

My workouts have been shit.

I feel like shit!

But this was hands down one of my favorite, most gratifying months of my life.

So, I’m really ready to get back on it. I’m starting right back up where I left off.

My next month is MyFitnessPal and Macros.

Thanks for sticking with my through my little hiatus. It needed to happen! We all need a little break once in a while. ♥️

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