Getting My Shit Together

Hey all-

Man, it’s been a minute. For a few weeks now I’ve kept saying “I really want to start my blog again”.. then Sunday passes and Monday comes around and in my OCD brain… I have to wait until next Sunday to start back up.

For fuck’s sake. πŸ™„

This blog did me some good and also some harm.

  • The good:
  • I lost weight
  • I stayed focused
  • I practiced willpower
  • I felt good
  • The harm:
  • I royally fucked up my metabolism
  • I obsessed about food
  • I obsessed about weight loss
  • I felt good, but for all the wrong reasons
  • These may not seem so bad, but for someone with an obsessive mind and personality, trust me… this is harmful.

    Fast forward to 6 months later. I’m back where I started… except feeling even shittier… inside and out.

    Bear with me…

    I started this blog to talk about different diets, the pros and cons, to have accountability.

    Who was that helping? Maybe someone who’s trying to decide if they want to do the WHOLE30. Maybe me in a social gathering so I can talk about the cool “idea” I had.

    But I wasn’t helping myself. And it’s made me question…

    So, how can I help people like me? How can I help myself?

    Here’s why I’m back.

    I’m 3 months shy of 28. My life is a hot mess. I’m struggling with my body, my finances, my mind, my ambitions, motivation, etc etc.

  • I fall behind on cleaning, I fall behind on laundry, I don’t grocery shop for weeks at a time, I live paycheck to paycheck, I say I’m going to exercise, then I don’t, I say I’m going to eat healthier, then reach for a piece of cheese…
  • What the fuck am I doing wrong?
  • Are other 27 year old women like this?
  • Maybe you won’t trust me since I only completed half of my first quest… but I need this. And maybe you need this.
  • I’m going to declutter my life.
  • Get my shit together.
  • I’m going to come up with solutions to these issues. I’m going to write about what works for me, what motivates me (a lazy 27 year old), how to get organized in all aspects of LIFE, and hopefully it’ll work for you.
  • I’m going to change my own life.
  • Nobody’s going to do it for me.
  • I’m the only one who can change things.
  • I need to get my mind and body back to healthy.
  • I saw a sign that said “Healthy means to heal thy self”. I need this more than ever.
  • If you’re in, if you need this, I’d love the camaraderie. I’d love to have someone to bitch and commiserate with while understanding exactly what each other’s going through.
  • Let’s get it together!
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