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I Finally Shaved My Legs on Day 9 [Weight Watchers]

And that's only because I have a physical tomorrow! I kid, I kid. But really- who wants to shave their legs in the middle of winter? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Today was a boring day. "Snow storm" is what they called it... it really was just another day in Upstate NY. We felt like we were in a… Continue reading I Finally Shaved My Legs on Day 9 [Weight Watchers]

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Freakin Day 8 [Weight Watchers]

I think I need to start differentiating my blog posts more than just with numbered days... so there we go! 😏👏 I didn't want to get out of bed today! It's 20 degrees and our tempurpedic felt extra cozy. So, since we had to work tonight, we decided to lay in bed and watch a… Continue reading Freakin Day 8 [Weight Watchers]

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I’m Starting to Lose Track of Days, But it’s Day 7 [Weight Watchers]

Seriously though! Today was a better day than the past couple of days. Probably for a couple of reasons- I had a work out I ate within my points I went to Target All is well today. I'm making up with Weight Watchers. I started my day with a low carb turkey wrap with a… Continue reading I’m Starting to Lose Track of Days, But it’s Day 7 [Weight Watchers]

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Day 6 [Weight Watchers]

I think I need to re-introduce myself. Hi, I'm Bloaty. Thanks for visiting my blog. What. The. Hell. I do not like Weight Watchers. There IS such a thing as too much freedom. Can I go back to the 21 Day Fix now? Because that seemed to be what worked for me. Yeah, I can… Continue reading Day 6 [Weight Watchers]

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Day 5 [Weight Watchers]

So... it happened... I cheated. Kinda bad. I feel lousy about it. Can I explain? So, I woke up this morning at 9 for a workout session at 9:45. It was really hard. I sweat a lot. (This is me making excuses) I had a half of a salad for lunch with some rotisserie chicken… Continue reading Day 5 [Weight Watchers]

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Day 4 [Weight Watchers]

Guys... I miss the 21 Day Fix. I don't even know myself anymore! 😳 But I do know this... 3 days in to this diet and I was sitting on the toilet last night for 20 minutes. Stomach cramps and IBS... I have not missed that. My heartburn is back. My bloating is back. I… Continue reading Day 4 [Weight Watchers]

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Day 3 [Weight Watchers]

I am a proud auntie (x2) and also so proud of my sister and the strength she has. Having a baby does not look easy! My day was filled with these 2 sweeties. Matt and I watched my niece, Braelyn late morning into the afternoon. While she ate her PB&J, I made myself an "adult"/Elvis… Continue reading Day 3 [Weight Watchers]

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Day 2 [Weight Watchers]

Today was a fabulous day for TWO REASONS... My nephew, Nicholas was born this morning (ya came early, ya little booger)! And I finally got a cheat meal. Haha. My first reason is a little more respectable 😉 Matt and I had plans to take a little trip to New York City and visit the… Continue reading Day 2 [Weight Watchers]

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Day 1 [Weight Watchers]

FREEDOM! I woke up not even knowing what to get my hands on first! I went for a cookie and felt instantly guilty, so I changed my mind and grabbed a banana. I went and got my hair done today 💁🏻‍♀️ I feel like a new woman! No more grays (yes, I'm 27 haha) and… Continue reading Day 1 [Weight Watchers]


My Story & Why I’m Doing Fad or Fab

Hi! If you've been wondering who I am... I've hesitated with sharing my identity with you until now... mostly because this is super vulnerable and because of my profession as a singer/songwriter. After thinking more about it, sharing everything with you all would do more good than harm. So here it is. My name is… Continue reading My Story & Why I’m Doing Fad or Fab