Spa Day & Dining Out on WHOLE30 – Day 8

Guys, I feel flippin' fantastic! Seriously. I really feel amazing. Along with all of the changes I mentioned in yesterday's post that I'm experiencing, I noticed today that all of the little bumps/pimples on my cheeks are no longer there. These are bumps that have been driving me nuts for months. Boom! Just like that,… Continue reading Spa Day & Dining Out on WHOLE30 – Day 8

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Day 8 [21 Day Fix]

I'm happy tonight. Today was a really great day. I'm starting to not put so much emphasis on food. Day 2 I would've died for a donut. Or a sub. Or a slice of pizza. Or all three. Together. 🍩🥪🍕 Day 6 I would've died for my boyfriend's mom's Apple cake (it's OUT OF THIS… Continue reading Day 8 [21 Day Fix]

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Day 7 [21 Day Fix]

I can't believe I'm already finished with day 7! And still holding strong 💪💪 Spent a good amount of the day with my mom today- which is one of my favorite ways to spend my day 😊 she's my best friend and we always laugh a lot. We spent some time walking around the mall… Continue reading Day 7 [21 Day Fix]

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Day 6 [21 Day Fix]

Happy Sunday! ☀️ For me, what's a Sunday without going to the local diner? I usually say, what's a Sunday without pancakes?! That's obviously a big no no on the 21 Day Fix.... or any diet for that matter since it's all sugar and carbs! But pancakes are SOOO good. I can't help myself sometimes… Continue reading Day 6 [21 Day Fix]