Getting My Shit Together

Hey all- Man, it's been a minute. For a few weeks now I've kept saying "I really want to start my blog again".. then Sunday passes and Monday comes around and in my OCD brain... I have to wait until next Sunday to start back up. For fuck's sake. 🙄 This blog did me some… Continue reading Getting My Shit Together


Holy Headache – Day 2 [WHOLE30]

My body is confused. And it hates me. I have had a wicked headache all day. I started looking into this more and the WHOLE 30 creators say that Days 2 and 3 are "hangover days". Lovely. Matt is doing this diet with me as well! He's had a weird headache today, too. We woke… Continue reading Holy Headache – Day 2 [WHOLE30]

weight watchers, WHOLE 30

Weight Watchers Results and Day 1 of WHOLE 30!

Hey all! I made it through another month. Remember last night when I said don't expect much from my results? I was terrified of stepping on the scale today, but I knew I had to do it. Ready for this? I weigh exactly the same as I did at the beginning of the month. 175.7.… Continue reading Weight Watchers Results and Day 1 of WHOLE 30!