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Meeting Amy Adams in Target! Days 20, 21, 22 [Weight Watchers]

I feel like such a bum that I haven't been writing every day... but let me tell ya- we've been busy! I must start with this story. This morning, Matt and I got up early (8ish) and walked to this little plaza with Starbucks and Target. I had something to return to Target, and we… Continue reading Meeting Amy Adams in Target! Days 20, 21, 22 [Weight Watchers]


Days 18 & 19 [Weight Watchers] in California

Hi all! ♥️ I know I haven't been writing everyday, but I'll try to fill ya in as much as I can ☀️ Yesterday was hot in Los Angeles. It felt awesome - my pale skin even got a tan! Woohoo! We walked a bunch and since it was so warm out, it was the… Continue reading Days 18 & 19 [Weight Watchers] in California

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Rubbing Elbows with the Rich & Famous – Days 16 & 17 [Weight Watchers]

I'm not going to lie... I personally feel that this diet is really hard to follow when you're not able to meal prep and plan. Not being home has been hard on this one, but I've been doing my best to "guesstimate" my points, and I've actually been within them (only because I walk 10+… Continue reading Rubbing Elbows with the Rich & Famous – Days 16 & 17 [Weight Watchers]

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Hello, Hollywood! Day 14 [Weight Watchers]

Made it safely to Los Angeles! And was greeted by two of my favorite people... Matt's brother, Nate and his roommate (and all our friend), Justin. I started my day out super well and healthy by getting rid of anything in the fridge that could go bad while we're gone. That was zucchini noodles, chicken… Continue reading Hello, Hollywood! Day 14 [Weight Watchers]

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Sunday Funday! Day 13 [Weight Watchers]

We leave for California tomorrow! 😎 So we spent the day doing loads and loads of laundry and getting ready. I made some egg whites for breakfast (0 points) with 2 breakfast chicken sausages (3 points). Matt and I had a rehearsal with our drummer in the afternoon, so we decided to grab some coffee… Continue reading Sunday Funday! Day 13 [Weight Watchers]

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I Received a Surprise! On Day 12 [Weight Watchers]

I woke up to a text from my mom saying "You have a package out by your garage!" There are only 2 ways to get me out of bed... with food, or with a present. 🙃 juuuust [kind of] kidding. So I went outside in my pajamas and Matt's shoes (they're easy to slip on)… Continue reading I Received a Surprise! On Day 12 [Weight Watchers]

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National Pizza?! OoO Baby! Day 11 [Weight Watchers]

I usually don't take this "National *blah* day" shit seriously, but if it involves pizza- you better believe I do!🍕🍕 I used all of my points for the day, plus most of the rest of my "weeklies". For a total of 42 points 🤐 This was my only meal except some scrambled eggs this morning,… Continue reading National Pizza?! OoO Baby! Day 11 [Weight Watchers]

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I Went to Target on Day 10 [Weight Watchers]

Then I went to my physical and my blood pressure was a tad high (doctor's offices have a tendency to do that). The nurse asked me if I had caffeine this morning or if I was always in that good of mood. I told him I went to Target. It all made sense. Physical went… Continue reading I Went to Target on Day 10 [Weight Watchers]

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I Finally Shaved My Legs on Day 9 [Weight Watchers]

And that's only because I have a physical tomorrow! I kid, I kid. But really- who wants to shave their legs in the middle of winter? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Today was a boring day. "Snow storm" is what they called it... it really was just another day in Upstate NY. We felt like we were in a… Continue reading I Finally Shaved My Legs on Day 9 [Weight Watchers]

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Freakin Day 8 [Weight Watchers]

I think I need to start differentiating my blog posts more than just with numbered days... so there we go! 😏👏 I didn't want to get out of bed today! It's 20 degrees and our tempurpedic felt extra cozy. So, since we had to work tonight, we decided to lay in bed and watch a… Continue reading Freakin Day 8 [Weight Watchers]